How to Add a Closet Office Cloffice to Your Home in 5 Easy Steps


The wires can also extrude from the side in this way, although it is a little more attractive to have the wires come from a hole cut in the back if you can. For those who were wondering, the paint color I chose is ‘Winter Way’ by Behr, and the dimensions of my closet are 53″x64″ …but it is much deeper than I needed. The easiest part, she said, was putting up the black and white wall paper on the side walls. Schnell decided she wanted to keep the original closet shelf in case the family ever sold their home and could easily convert it back to a closet. You can also take more detailed measurements to decide what desk options will fit. Avoid it as much as you can in your cloffice, and always look for storage solutions in lieu of just shoving everything into a corner.

convert closet to desk

Then adjust the cabinet box as needed to align the remaining edges and nail these.If you were careful to cut the 1/4-in. Plywood back accurately, you can square the cabinet by aligning it with the back before nailing it on . You’ll cover the front edge of the cabinets with a wood face frame converting a closet to an office after they’re mounted . Transfer these measurements to your plywood and cut out the two pieces. Use less-expensive plywood for the bottom if you like. Learn how to turn a spare closet into a super-organized home office. This project keep schoolwork and office supplies contained.

Step 8: Test-fit and Adding Shelf Edges

Enter this crafty solution from Vanessa Wearmouth! She cut a U-shaped nook into her desktop, allowing plenty of space for the chair to be pushed in. If a full desk won’t fit in your cloffice, try mounting a piece of plywood, medium-density fiberboard , or butcher block to the wall with brackets to create a DIY floating desk.

The computer tower is nestled away behind the closet wall and all cords run behind it through the hole we cut in the butcher block. Since we do not have any outlets inside the closet, we needed to run an extension cord from outside the closet to supply power. The Sleek Socket was the PERFECT solution for a neat and clean way to run an extension cord into the closet. It comes with everything you need to neatly secure the cord to the wall, and it blends in with the crown moulding instead of being an eye sore.

What Is a Cloffice?

Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items. Here are some handpicked cloffice ideas that will help to create your own happy workspace.

  • Design a cloffice you love, and you might actually look forward to working in it each day.
  • Sometimes finding the right home office requires a little bit of flexibility and creativity.
  • Why not try a tulip table in lieu of a traditional desk?
  • I have not had any issues with adhesion of the poly finish or wood glue.

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